Our Mission

Friends of Trees is committed to improving and maintaining the community’s green infrastructure by planting, caring for, and advocating for the protection of trees in Chatham’s public parks and streetscapes; educating the public about the vital role of trees, and supporting local non-profits and schools that share our mission.

Since 1978 the all-volunteer Friends of Trees has worked to protect and plant trees in Chatham. In addition to offering memorial trees in memory of friends and family, we plant trees throughout the town, work to prevent needless tree removal, celebrate Arbor Day with tree plantings or tree giveaways, work with other groups to restore trees on public lands, provide educational grants, advise local government about tree plantings, obtain Tree City certification, and more.

Why do we care?

Trees are the elephants of the plant kingdom. They dominate and ground a landscape. They inspire a sense of awe at their size, beauty, and ancient heritage. Trees have not only been a part of life on the planet for 380 million years (start of the Carboniferous period), but they have made life on planet earth possible. Immovable and silent, they go about their lives enriching ours. They provide us with many benefits, most of which go underappreciated. This is why we care. This is why Friends of Trees exists today: to plant, protect, and maintain Chatham’s trees. And to educate others on their importance in the belief that if we all understand how they help us, then we will help them.

green trees along side of road

Chatham increased protection of trees on town property with Town Meeting passing the Tree Protection Bylaw and Tree Protection Revolving Fund on May 13. 


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Memorial trees

Request a memorial tree in someone's honor or memory to be planted in Chatham.

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Walking tour

Friends of Trees has published a self-guided walking tour of “Notable Trees” in Chatham's Old Village.


Chase Park Interactive tour

See the list of all of our
Chase Park Trees.