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Other Projects

Friends of Trees has been involved in many projects over the years. Here are some of our achievements.

Middle Road Eversource and NextGrid Plantings

In 2021, Eversource proposed removing about 60 trees along Middle Road to add power lines for the new solar array. Friends of Trees unsuccessfully opposed the tree removal, but in response to our suggestions, the following motion was passed by the Select Board. “Motion: by Jeffrey, Dykens to approve the pole placement and vegetation planting plan with a three-year vegetation management agreement pending the project developers and Eversource work with the Friends of Trees on planting oaks at the NextGrid site and native species on the south side of Middle Road. Friends of Trees had multiple meetings onsite and recommended the native plantings that were ultimately installed.

trees along side road

Trees for Chatham

After the loss of trees and damage to many others from the July 2019 tornado and other storms, the Friends of Trees felt an urgency to plant more trees beyond just municipal properties. The program was designed to plant more trees in town by offering them to private property owners. Applications were accepted to install trees on private properties, free of charge, where trees would offer shade to public ways, improve the streetscape, increase wildlife habitat, or provide other values to the public.

yellow small tree on the field

Cockle Cove Creek Headwaters Reforestation Project

In 2013, Friends of Trees supported the Cockle Cove Creek Headwaters Reforestation Project with a donation of 45 large trees. The property (former site of the Pit Stop restaurant) was purchased by the town of Chatham for open space with Community Preservation Act funds. The purpose of the reforestation was to create a continuous green corridor along this stretch of Main Street, while restoring wildlife habitat and protecting water quality by stabilizing soils and absorbing excess nutrients.

Cockle Cove Restoration project sign board

Annual Cleanups

Trees in the parks, planted by Friends of Trees and the town, require weeding and mulching for their health as well as to prevent damage from lawn care. In the spring and/or fall volunteers weed around planted memorial trees so that mulch can be applied to protect the tree from drought and damage. Please contact us if you are interested in weeding in Kate Gould or Chase Park.

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QR Codes in Chase Park

Friends of Trees has labeled 25 trees in Chase Park with metal tags with the tree species and QR code. The QR code allows the viewer to obtain more information about the tree such as its mature size and growing habit. The QR code will also allow connection to the Interactive Chase Park Tree Tour. Look for the tags like the one pictured here to begin.

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