Bradford Pear

Bradford Pear

Bradford Pear

Scientific Name: Pyrus calleryana

Tree ID: 44

Latitude: 41.677001

Longitude: -69.959223

Mature Size: 26’T x 20’W

Memorial: Stephen Haun

Bradford Pear is a species of pear native to China and Vietnam. Unlike most other pear trees this form is grown mainly for its ornamental features. While the fruits are on the tree they are hardly visible, being hidden by leaves. It is a small ornamental tree that produces abundant white flowers in early spring. Small fruits are enjoyed by birds. Callery pears are remarkably resistant to disease or blight, and are tolerant of a variety of soil types. However, they regularly succumb to strong winds, ice storms or heavy snow. They were so widely planted that they have become a nuisance and are considered invasive in many parts pf the eastern US.