Red Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus rubra

Tree ID: 113

Latitude: 41.676786

Longitude: -69.958970

Mature Size: 50-75’T x 50-75’W

Memorial: Mr & Mrs Edward A. Bigelow

The Red Oak, native to North America, is a medium sized, deciduous tree with a rounded to broad-spreading, often irregular crown. It typically grows to a moderate to fast rate to 50 to 70 feet tall. Dark, lustrous green leaves with 7-11 toothed lobes which are sharply pointed at the tips. Leaves turn brownish-red in autumn. Insignificant flowers in separate male and female catkins appear in the spring. Fruits are acorns which mature in early fall, although an abundant crop of acorns may not occur before the tree is 40 years old. The red oak’s acorns are a nutritious food source for many small mammals.