White Ash

Scientific Name: Fraxinus americanus

Tree ID: 50

Latitude: 41.677266

Longitude: -69.959290

Mature Size: 60-80’T x 60-80’W

Memorial: Alice Hiscock, founder of Chatham’s Friends of Trees

White Ash is the largest of the native ashes, typically growing 60 to 80 feet tall. Young trees are pyramidal in shape, gradually maturing to a rounded crown. Clusters of purplish male and female flowers appear on separate trees in April-May before the foliage, which turns yellow with purple shading in fall. Gray bark develops distinctive diamond-shaped ridging on mature trees. White Ash is a valuable timber tree, its wood commercially used for a variety of products including tool handles, oars, garden furniture and sports equipment such as the Louisville Slugger. The emerald ash borer now constitutes a serious threat to all species of ash in North America. Once infestation occurs, it is very difficult to eradicate this pest which feeds under the bark and bores into wood.