English Holly

English Holly

English Holly Tree

Scientific Name: Ilex aquifolium

Tree ID: 115

Latitude: 41.6778089

Longitude: -69.9594891

Mature Size: 30-50’T x 15-25’W

Memorial: Ruth E. & Wells T. Bray

English Holly is an erect, pyramidal, densely-branched, evergreen tree that typically grows to 30-50 feet but can grow to 80 feet. It may be trained and grown as a large shrub. Elliptic, leathery, glossy, way-margined, dark green leaves have large spiny teeth. Greenish white flowers appear in May. Flowers are fragrant but generally inconspicuous. Pollinated flowers give way to berry-like red drupes which ripen in fall and persist into winter. Birds are attracted to the fruit. By reputation, English Holly is a better ornamental tree than American Holly but has less winter hardiness in more moderate climates. It is effective as a specimen or in small groups and for foundation plantings. Foliage and fruit provide good color for the winter landscape. It can be grown as a tall hedge.