Japanese Stewartia

Japanese Stewartia

Japanese Stewartia tree

Scientific Name: Stewartia pseudocamellia

Tree ID: 77

Latitude: 41.6777034

Longitude: -69.9593814

Mature Size: 12-40’T x 8-25’W

Memorial: Fairly Popovic

Japanese Stewartia is a small, slow-growing, pyramidal, deciduous tree which typically matures over time to 20-40 feet tall. It is often grown in cultivation as a multi-stemmed shrub to 12 feet tall. Cup-shaped, camellia-like white flowers with showy orange-yellow anthers appear in mid-summer. Elliptic, dark green foliage turns redish-orange and burgundy in autumn. Exfoliating, reddish-brown bark provides good winter color and interest. Species name means false camellia. Stewartia, Camellia, and Franklinia are all members of the tea family and have similar flowers.