Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood

Kousa Dogwood

Scientific Name: Cornus kousa

Tree ID: 810

Latitude: 41.678003

Longitude: -69.960009

Mature Size: 15-30’T x 15-30’W

Memorial: Mr John

Kousa Dogwood is a small, deciduous flowering tree or multi-stemmed shrub that typically grows 15-30′ tall, with a vase-shaped habit in the early years but eventually maturing to a more rounded form. It is an attractive tree with beautiful long-lasting white flowers covering the branches in late spring and early summer, followed by autumn fruits and leaf color, interesting winter bark and bright green spring foliage. The white blossoms look like snow on the branches and attract birds with the pink, raspberry-like fruits. The bark is so attractive on Kousa Dogwood that lower branches should be selectively thinned to show it off. Although young trees show only limited bark exfoliation, the tree shows its true bark character as it gets older.