Littleleaf Linden

Littleleaf Linden

Littleleaf Linden

Scientific Name: Tilia cordata

Tree ID: 801

Latitude: 41.677235

Longitude: -69.959073

Mature Size: 60’T x 35’W

Memorial: Peter Saunders

Littleleaf Linden, also called Basswood, is an excellent shade tree for lawns, streets and parks. It is often used as a hedge in Europe, where it is native, as it takes pruning quite well. It has been planted as a shade tree in Europe since ancient times. It has dense and compact foliage and a pyramidal shape. Its leaf is somewhat heart-shaped and grows 1.5? to 3? long. It is easily gown in average soil in full sun to part shade, and has good tolerance for urban conditions. This hardy tree can stand low temperatures and grows as far north as Manitoba.