Persian Ironwood

Persian Ironwood

Persian Ironwood

Scientific Name: Parrotia persica

Tree ID: 201

Latitude: 41.677741

Longitude: -69.959662

Mature Size: 20-40′ T x 20-35′ W

Memorial: Donated by the Hand-Picked Garden Club

Persian Ironwood is a small, single-trunk tree, closely related to the witch hazel genus. Eventually growing to 20 to 40 feet tall or a large multi-stemmed shrub growing to 15 feet tall. Apetalous flowers (having no petals), with dense, red stamens surrounded by brownish bracts, appear in late winter to early spring before the foliage. Flowers are attractive but are generally considered to be somewhat insignificant. Oval to oblong leaves emerge reddish-purple in spring, mature to a lustrous, medium to dark green in summer and change to variable shade of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. Bark of mature trees exfoliates to show green, white or tan patches. It is an excellent small lawn tree or street tree and can be incorporated into foundation plantings, particularly in shrub form.